Useful tips for the life in Germany by Palladium Mobility

General Tips and Helpful Hints

Life in Germany

  • People tend to be more formal. Many people, especially in business, are called by their last names, not first names.
  • It is normal for Germans to separate between their professional and private life, with a clear differentiation of who belongs to which.
  • Always be punctual for appointments.
  • There is a daily “quiet time”. Quiet time is generally Mondays-Saturdays between 13:00 to 15:00 and 22:00 to 7:00, and all day on Sunday. You should not make too much noise during those hours. For example, do not play loud music, mow the lawn, etc.
  • You may wash cars on private property, but not in the street.
  • Germans like to keep the sidewalks & walkways clear of snow, dirt, weeds and leaves.
  • You should maintain the public area in front of your residence.
  • Be cautious when using a barbecue on a balcony. Normally it makes sense to get prior consent from neighbour above you.
  • You may need to pay an attendant to use a public WC (toilet), app. € 0.25
  • You will find that it is acceptable to take your dog into restaurants, stores, etc. Some stores may have signs stating that they do not permit dogs.
  • At a restaurant, you will usually need to seat yourself. When a restaurant is very busy, you may be asked if someone could share your table. You may do the same, but always ask in advance.
  • Tipping in a restaurant….since service and VAT are already included in the price, people generally just round up to the next Euro, € 3,- to € 5.- increment, depending on the price of the meal and the service provided. When you have decided what your payment will be (food + tip), simply tell your server the total amount, hand over the money, and he/she will return the change.
  • Germans do not wear bathing suits (swimming costumes) in the saunas or hot tubs/spas. Men and women typically share the same facilities, but there may be different days and times posted for each. If you plan to partake, be prepared to take it off.
  • When visiting a doctor for an examination, it is not customary to be given an examination gown. If you feel uncomfortable stripping off, make sure you wear a loose long shirt to compensate.
  • Once or twice a year, you will be visited by your local Chimney Sweep “Schornsteinfeger”. He will want to check your home’s heating system and chimney. They just drop by at anytime, and will leave a note on your door if you are not home for another appointment.

Taking care of the place you have rented

Whenever you rent a house or apartment, there are certain things you will have to consider.
To make it easier for you and to avoid misunderstandings, we have listed some of the “points of

Palladiumcontention” that have come up time and time again.

Parquet Floors

Please watch your heels. If you do not have any rugs, please make sure that chair and table legs are protected either by felt pads or by small plastic “saucers”. Also take care that water does not stay or soak into the floor, it will leave bad marks (put flower pots on a stand or a piece of carpet).

Tiles, window frames and doors

Please do not drill holes into tiled surfaces, window frames or doors.

Glass top of kitchen stove

The “ceran field” of the kitchen stove is a great invention but it must be taken care of. There is a special cleaning liquid (Ceraclean or Ceramilk) – check at your store.

Do not scratch or scrub the ceran field except with the special tool made for that purpose (with built in razor blade). If something runs over, clean it as soon as possible. Beware of sugar and plastic items on the (still) hot stove.


This surface also requires good care. There is some sort of “milk” specially made for the care of marble.


If you have agreed to take care of the garden yourself, please try to keep up with the trimming and weeding.

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