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Visa Photo Requirements

Visa Photo Requirements

One of the photo requirements is that your face needs to occupy 70-80 percent of the surface, which translates to 32mm-36mm. A visa photo that is below 27mm or extends beyond 40mm is not acceptable. When posing, the positioning needs to be at the center. The photo must also not be too far or too close to the front. A photo should not have more than one person in it or images of anything else. It is also paramount to take a picture without background shadows.


A visa photo should not be blurry. The focus should be sharp and very clear with the right contrast. The lighting has to be enough to support the contrast.


Balanced lighting is essentials when taking a visa photo; avoid too much or too little light. A good visa photo should not have shadows cast across the visage, red eyes or reflections.


When taking a photo, do it with a neutral gray color in the background. The background should provide the right contrast with the face and hair. A medium-gray background will work better with a face and hair with light colors. For a darker complexion and hair color, a light gray backdrop will be most suitable.


When printing the photo, the paper quality must be the best to ensure high standards. The resolution must not be below 600dpi, particularly for digital camera photos. Also, the colours in the photo must be natural. Make sure to avoid the use of pixilated images. A visa photo may be coloured or black and white. It should also be clean.


The eyes should be wide open and looking at the camera directly when taking a visa photo. Avoid wearing glasses or the hair covering the eyes. In cases where glasses are necessary, ensure that they don’t cause flash reflections on the image. Avoid wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses with tints.

A head covering or hat is acceptable if it is a religious requirement. Even when wearing a head covering, the length of the face from the chin to the forehead must be clearly visible.


The following are the requirements for children under the age of 9 years.
The part of the face that should be visible is from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. It must cover 50-80% of the photo, which translates to 22mm-33mm. Faces that are below of 17mm or above of 40mm are not acceptable.
The visa photo requierments for a baby under the age of 5 years are then same as those of a child under 9. A child of 5 years and below doesn’t have to look directly at the camera when taking the photo and there is no need for a neutral expression. For positioning, it is not necessary to have the head at the center. If a baby is under 1 year, then there is no need to keep his or her eyes open.


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