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Who has the right to apply?

People who are entitled to the EU Blue Card are the following:

University Graduates

A University Degree equivalent to a German Degree is required as a pre-condition to apply for an EU Blue Card, as well as a working contract with a gross salary of at least € 46.400.  In order to make the entry to the procedure more efficient and quicker the proof of precedence and similar working conditions will be let out.

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Highly Qualified

For highly qualified people in shortage occupations such as engineers, academics, doctors and similar skilled workers in the information and communication fields an even lower salary border exists.  In such case the gross salary border is € 38.688 per annum.   A pre-condition proof is not necessary for this instance unless the working conditions are similar.  In professions where there is a ‘special interest of non-EU citizens’ the salary border is lower.  As for the mathematician, scientist, engineer, doctor or IT skilled worker there is a gross salary border of € 38.688 per year in order to receive the EU Blue card.

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