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Thank you for visiting the Welcome Center Germany. You will find this website is your trusted resource if you plan to move to Germany to work, study or retire. We want to make your relocation to Germany a pleasant experience and reduce the challenges you will face.

Welcome Center Germany was launched in 2015 and we have helped countless people move successfully to Germany, while also assisting with all the chores essential for beginning a new life in a new country.

You will discover the Welcome Center provides links to four different sections, listed at the top of the website. These are Visas and Permits; Living in Germany; Learning German; and Insurance Products. Find out more about each section of the website below:

Visas and Permits

In this section you can find out about visas and permits to live and work in Germany, how to bring family members along with you and discover all about residence permits for Germany and how to become a German citizen. Your questions about making successful applications to live and work in Germany will all be answered when you access this section of the website.


Citizen Lane - Your Personal Partner for Citizenship and Residence Planning

EU nationals are entitled to freedom of movement, having unrestricted access to the German labour market.

The EU Blue Card in Germany acts as a residence title for non- EU citizens, somewhat like the Green Card in the USA.   Commenced...
Work Permit

As a foreigner seeking work in Germany you might need a work permit.  Your nationality is a key factor whether the work permit can...
what ist required

Who can apply for the EU Blue Card? Academics from non-EU countries and highly skilled workers can apply for the EU Blue card for a...
Insurance for self employed

People who are entitled to the EU Blue Card are the following: University Graduates A University Degree equivalent to a German Degree is required as a...

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German Health Insurance for Employees


Living in Germany

Find out all about living in Germany by accessing this section of our Welcome Center Germany website. You can read informative articles about properties and how to find accommodation in your chosen location, or research the best German bank accounts and learn how to open a German bank account. Finding a job will be critical to your successful move to Germany, so take time to browse our selection of work-related posts to find out what opportunities are open to foreigners looking for work in Germany and the best ways to handle your applications and job hunting activities.



Managing money in Germany can be an expensive business for expats. Save money on currency transfers – with CurrencyFair.

About us BDG is a consultancy that is specialized in supporting foreign companies that wish to...
German Health Insurance

For those planning to live and work in Germany, it's reassuring to know the health...

You will find the most helpful tips when it comes to relocation, sponsored by Palladium Mobility

Challenges of Moving to Germany Moving to a foreign country is an exciting experience.  Managing a...

Being a global citizen is more than a buzzword at SIU; it’s a way of...
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Money & Banking in Germany

If you’ve just moved to Germany for long term or only temporarily, you will need...

When coming to Germany, there will be many things to organize and care about. One big topic will surely be individual mobility: Rent your car with Avis and stay mobile no matter where you are. Check our great offers now

Learning German

Spoken German and learning the German language will be an important cultural aspect for anybody who isn’t already fluent in our language. Find out how to learn German online and read our analysis of German dialects, while finding out more about available German courses that are best suited to your lifestyle.


Migration Advisory Services

If you've just moved to Germany, many parts of life can be confusing or scary....
Integration Courses

In integration courses you will not only learn German or improve your German; you and...
Tips for learning German

Top Tips To Make Learning The German Language Easier Expats can certainly get by in everyday...
Learning German

Introduction to German Dialects and Regional Variations Learning German can be a difficult process. Many newcomers to...
How to learn German

Learning the language quickly and effectively There’s many online sites claiming to be able to transform...


Our section on insurance products provides all the details needed to set up health insurance in Germany, so you can access our health services, as well as details on private health insurances. If you plan to drive while living in Germany, you’ll need to find out details about car insurances and how to make the best choices from the available marketplace. Self employed and business entrepreneurs will find our information on insurance requirements is an essential read.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about moving to Germany if you get in contact.


German Health Insurance

For those planning to live and work in Germany, it's reassuring to know the health...

Having taken the huge step in life to relocate to a new country, it’s important...

In order to appreciate the benefits that health insurance in Germany has to offer, it...
Best healthcare Options In Germany

Healthcare in Germany is based on a decentralized and self-governing system. This article describes the...

When coming to Germany, there will be many things to organize and care about. One big topic will surely be individual mobility: Rent your car with Avis and stay mobile no matter where you are. Check our great offers now
Bringing your car to Germany

If your car is registered within the EU As long as your car is registered in...
Arranging your motor vehicle insurance

The system in Germany is structured so that all cars, and other vehicles, which are...
Supplementary Health Insurance

Private Supplementary Health Insurance For those already covered by the generic public health insurance, the option...
Health Insurance for Freelancers

The law states that all workers, whether permanent or temporary, should hold a private or...

Moving to Germany? Then you will need to understand how important it is to have...