Childcare and Babysitting Services for Expats in Berlin

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If you are moving to Berlin with your children, finding the right childcare or babysitting service in Germany is very likely one of your main concerns, especially if you are relocating for work purposes. Who do you trust enough to leave your children with, while you are away? This can definitely be nerve wrecking at first, however, on the bright side, there are various options for professional childcare and babysitting services in Berlin.

In order to make it easier for parents moving to Berlin with their children, in this article, we will explain the difference between opting for babysitting service or sending your child to childcare centre. Furthermore, we introduce some companies that we and many other parents recommend.

Babysitting Services in Berlin – Long & Short term

When it comes to babysitting in Germany, you can opt for a short-term babysitter, which mainly covers you occasionally for example, a single night or appointments. You simply have to check your and the babysitter’s availability, however, it is recommended that you use the same one as often as possible. When it comes to long term babysitters, they are usually renowned as nannies. Nannies take care of your children for a much longer period and will eventually become a part of your family.

Below are two recommended babysitting services in Berlin

Extra Arms

A small, family run business that is highly dedicated to connecting professional nannies and babysitters to families in Berlin. The owner, Giulia, started working as a babysitter since she was just 14 years old. Through her many years of experience, she understands exactly the specific requirements and needs from both the parents and children to find the ideal babysitter. Nowadays she is leading Extra Arms to ensure families in need can find a reliable babysitter to take care of their children.

To ensure that no child will be left unattended, Extra Arms conduct interviews to nannies every week, where applicants have a 90-minute interview while proving that they have the right skill-set, paperwork and experience.

When it comes to the families seeking the service, Extra Arms holds a ‘Family Consulation’, in which the family states its needs and wants. Extra Arms will then find the most suitable babysitter for that particular family.

For more information, visit Extra Arms or contact them via email on

Felicity Nannies

Felicity Nannies was established in 2004, by Mirja Lindberg. In her previous years, Mirja worked as an Au-pair in the UK and in Germany, she was a working mother herself. This led her to truly understanding the challenges and issues revolving around finding a reliable babysitter in Berlin.

Felicity Nannies is an agency with the objective to connect international families with highly dedicated and qualified nannies to look after their children. The nannies at Felicity Nannies have to have attended at least 1-year college or university training and have sufficient knowledge on child development and psychology. Furthermore, nannies undergo practical courses, training and placements that allow them to professionally care for your young one from day one.

For those with new-born babies, Felicity Nannies also provides the possibility to hire experienced maternity nurses, to help the families adapt and ease their first weeks with the baby. For older children, Felicity Nannies also offer the possibility of opting for a fully trained governess, that focuses on academic teaching in combination with the emotional and physical requirements.

For more information , visit Felicity Nannies or contact them through email on

Childcare Centers in Berlin

Your budget and location play a major role on the choice of childcare. In Germany, depending on the previous year’s salary, parents receive financial support from the Government. In order to be received, the parents have to live in Germany for more than six months, which will entitle them to an average monthly payment of 184 Euro per child, under 18 years of age.

You can apply for the grant via Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

In some cases, some expat parents may be able to receive lower income taxes and a monthly allowance, if the parent needs to give up working hours to care for their child. See if you are eligible at the local family ministry office in Berlin.

TWSD Day care center

The twsd in BB gGmbH recently opened three new day care centers in the districs of Lichtenberg and Wedding. The centres are fully equipped with spacious and modern class rooms and outdoor play areas for the children to enjoy. They follow the Berlin education program and accept children from many different cultures, languages, talents and requirements.

Their 3 Day care centers are;

  • Daycare ‘Matt Lamb’ in Lichtenberg, Berlin

Matt Lamb childcare center offers its services for children from the age of 0 until school entry. Some of their services include the use of all function rooms, musical education, arts and excursions.

  • Daycare ‘Little Grebe’ in Lichtenberg, Berlin

Welcoming children from all over the world! They offer a number of services for children between 1 year old and the age of 6. Little Grebe is home to a harmonious ambiance where children can grow, develop, experience and prosper.

  • Daycare ‘Knirpsmaus’ in Wedding, Berlin

Located in Wedding, Knirpsmaus, accepts children aged between 1 and school entry. Here, the children can grow in an ambiance with children and adults, with the opportunity to develop their personality while receiving individual support.

For more information about the day care services available at twsd, visit their website or write them an email on