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Finding a property in Germany

Where and what to look for

To find your dream home is a difficult project, Germany is no exception in that case. This item will help you locate what type of house will suit you and where to find it.

Especially in the larger cities, most of the German citizens live in apartments. There are several types of residences in Germany you can look for if you prefer to live in a house:

  • Townhouse – Reihenhaus (RH), or Reihenendhaus (REH)
  • Semi-detached house – Doppelhaushälfte (DHH)
  • Freestanding house – Einfamilienhaus (EFH)

The houses and apartment buildings in Germany normally have cellars. People use often parts of the cellar as storage, when buying a flat.

These days most properties are available on the web but some housing offers are still published in newspapers. When an ad states that the properties are von privat it means that there are no agents involved and you will be dealing with the owner directly. Agents manage most of the housing advertisements.

The property you are considering buying always research carefully.  The real estate market offers a lot of the “bargains” and often requires costly renovations.

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