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German VISA Application Form And Fees

All VISA types in Germany can be applied for at a German Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. The VISA application process requires an application form submitted together with the required documents. Furthermore, a non-refundable fee is payable upon submitting the application.

VISA Application Form

It is important that you always request the correct and most up to date application form from your nearest German Embassy or Consulate. At the same time, you need to request which documents need to be submitted together with the form and make an appointment for your application in person.

For a sample application form for a national VISA in English, click here (please obtain the application form directly from your Embassy or Consulate to ensure it remains up to date).

VISA Application Fees

When you apply for a VISA for either a temporary or permanent residence permit, a fee is applicable regardless of the outcome of your application.

The fee for any VISA category is EUR 75, and for the first application for a residence permit and an EU Blue Card is EUR 100. Settlement permits carry a fee of EUR 147.

Spouses and children of German Nationals are exempt from VISA fees. Also, if your stay is funded by a public scholarship, the VISA fee can also be partially or fully waived. You can find more information about all applicable VISA fees at The Federal Foreign Office or the German mission abroad.

VISA Types in Germany

If you are unsure which VISA type you should apply for, you can view our list of all VISA types available in Germany. Generally, there are two purposes to obtain a VISA for, either for work purposes or study purposes.

It is important that you review the requirements for each VISA type before you submit your application.

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