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Germany Medical Treatment Visa

Main Documents to Carry for the Germany Visa Application

A Person who needs to go to the Federal Republic of Germany for treatment may need to arm him or herself with the documents below before obtaining a medical treatment visa Germany.

• A duly signed declaration and properly filled application form.
• Two passport photographs
• An official passport and a copy of the data page of the passport of size A4.
• Proof of an insurance cover for hospitalization or emergency medical with 30,000 Euros being the bare minimum. The proof should be in the form of a letter.

• Rail tickets, flight, or other confirmation
• The journey’s itinerary in the form of a letter
• A leave letter from your employer (for the employed)
• A covering letter with your itinerary (travel plan)
• Confirmation certificate from a doctor on the need for that particular medical treatment you seek
• Confirmation certificate from a physician that the treatment is available and that you made an appointment
• Evidence of financial arrangements with the German doctor and of advance payment for the treatment
• Communication between the doctor who referred you and the one to provide treatment
• Confirmation that you have secured accommodation in Schengen for the period of your stay
Certificates of your civil status: Marriage, Children’s birth certificates, spouse death certificate, and ration card if you have one.
• Documents proving your financial status: Payslips over the last three months/employment contract for the employed.
• The self-employed should have proof of proprietorship or other ownership papers (evidence of income, land title, agriculture income (sales form).

Application Procedure and Where to Apply

You should apply at the Federal Republic of Germany’s Embassy in your home country. If you are a first-time applicant, you should carry all relevant documents and application form for submission in person. Frequent travellers can use travel agencies or agents to submit their applications.

To meet processing delays, you should apply for your visa three weeks before the set travel date.

Visa Application Fees

Visa fee of 80€ is payable in advance using each embassy’s specific instructions and preferred method of payment. Some embassies may also charge a service fee.

A point to note when applying for a medical treatment visa in Germany is that the embassy will not reimburse the visa fees in cases of unsuccessful applications. The fees are also subject to change at any moment.

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