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Germany Work Visa, Environment & Ethics

Work Visa

Expats coming from the European Union do not need to apply for a visa to Work in Germany. Other countries with the same agreements include, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland and America.  The countries mentioned above and some others, solely need to apply for a residence permit in order to enter Germany for work purposes. Non-EU countries and others need to apply for a work visa in advance, before relocating to Germany. Regardless of the country, all those residing in Germany need to apply for health insurance.

When applying for a residence in Germany, in order to commence with your career in the new country, mainly depends on your abilities, in terms of education, talents, qualifications and previous work experience. With that being said, regulations in Germany state that, citizens requiring a visa, are only able to work in Germany, if that particular position cannot be filled from an EU/EEA/Swiss worker. Exceptions are made to those that are highly skilled and qualified.

Need to apply for a visa?

What is Germany’s working Environment like?

  • When it comes to working fulltime, usually, you are expected to work roughly 38 hours per week. Also, when on full time basis, you are entitled to at least 18 days of leave.
  • Being late and acting in a very informal manner are usually frowned upon at the work place.
  • Despite the importance dedicated towards Work/life balance, leisure and work time are usually kept completely separate and you should get accustomed to not straying from the topic, depending on where you are.
  • Do not expect short talk and people ‘beating around the bush’, rather expect direct and blunt communication. Do not be offended, accept the ways of communication and learn to use it to your advantage.
  • Many Germans speak English, however, there are benefits to understanding and being able to speak the language. Apart from the work life, it will also help you in your daily life, to interact and enhance communication.

Work Ethics

Activities which are unrelated to work are usually frowned upon if done at the workplace. This includes things such as spending time on social media channels and doing non-work-related things. In Germany, this usually makes your colleagues question your level of professionalism. Additionally, Germans are keen on rules and usually tend to follow exact procedures. In Germany, if you need to work hard, however, it is also renowned for being able to play hard.


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