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Home (or household) insurance in Germany

If you wish to get insurance for potential burglaries, damages, water issues, storms or robberies you need to apply for household insurance (Hausratversicherung). For your moveable belongings such as furniture, clothing, sports equipments and kitchen tools this will give you the right coverage.

It’s important that your German household insurance covers gross negligence

Household insurances may vary in Germany relative to coverage levels offered. By analysing the market options and household insurance policies, there are two important things to be considered:

  1. Insurance coverage value selected
  2. Is gross negligence (grober Fahrlässigkeit) included? (e.g.: do you have coverage for burglary if you left your window open?

Out of the available options we recommend Gothaer, which provides you with the best coverage for your belongings in the most price-effective range. Please learn more below on key elements about household insurance in Germany.

What’s covered in German household insurance and how does it work?

coya home contents insuranceThe replacement value of your personal belongings defines the amount for the coverage. Insurance companies normally follow a standard rule, which means a € 650 / square meters of your flat. Should your flat has the size of 100 square meters this would make a total coverage of € 65,000. It is possible to insure your apartment for less, however this is something you need to estimate well as in such case the insurance company may estimate you underinsured your premises and may not fully cover this if you had to claim.

Household insurance will cover damage made by fire, water, storm, burglary, robbery etc. In the case of a robbery, you need to prove an evidence that force was used in order to get the coverage. It’s important to understand if your policy includes cover for gross negligence. Some insurance companies won’t provide you with coverage for gross negligence at all, meanwhile others may do only up to a certain level and there a few, which could deliver full coverage for this. (Gothaer is a great example for the full coverage)

Further details to consider about the German household Insurance

  • Should you leave your existing apartment for another one it’s important to know you can take your policy with you. Obviously you have to inform your insurance company about the move and this may brings changes in your policy so that you might need to pay more, or less depending on the new size of the flat.
  • If there are construction works taking place in the building of your apartment, which include scaffolding this should be reported as well since this could increase the risks of theft.
  • Should you leave the apartment for longer term this is something you need to report too, as this could be attached with higher risk of theft or damage occurring also.
  • For an additional fee you may include your bicycle insurance on your policy.

home contents insuranceOur recommendation for German household insurance

While reviewing the German household insurance options we have considered two important factors:

  1. Full provision in the case of gross negligence
  2. Best price range

We highly recommend Coya for household coverage upon the factors above.

Coya AG

Telephone: +49 (0) 30 588 49400

Email: hello@coya.com

Website: https://coya.com/en

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