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Düsseldorf, a city full of life which is renowned for having some of Europe’s most lavish shopping avenues. The city offers ample cultural, traditional, entertaining, shopping, dining and other spectacular experiences accompanied with a lavish lifestyle. Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany and is also the seventh most populated city in the country. In addition to that, Düsseldorf is also known for its impeccable quality of life and it was voted as one of the top cities with the best quality of life around the world.

What to expect in Düsseldorf?

A European city in which Germans, Americans, British, Chinese, Turkish, French, Dutch, a very large Japanese community and many more ethnicities get along well...
5 Best Neighborhoods in Düsseldorf

5 Best Neighborhoods in Düsseldorf

Living in Düsseldorf offers a modern, quality and unique lifestyle. In Düsseldorf, one can find many cool neighborhoods and it is renowned for being...
Top things to do in Düsseldorf

Top things to do in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has many impressive places of interest around the city and it boasts about its impressive architecture, nightlife, shopping, culture and art. Furthermore, in...
Welcome to the City of Düsseldorf and the County of Mettmann

Welcome to the City of Düsseldorf and the County of Mettmann!

The region Düsseldorf- Mettmann is considered as one of the most favored destinations worldwide for Expats.

In this section of the lifestyle, you can find ample basic information about Düsseldorf, that will help you prepare for your move to Germany. We provide information on what to expect in this city and why you should consider it over other cities, depending on your interests, similarly to the hundreds and thousands of expats that move to Düsseldorf every year. In order to ease your decision, we also give you some facts and tips about the city.

Apart from the general information about the Düsseldorf, we give you the top neighborhoods recommended for expats and their characteristics, with the aim of helping you find the right area for you within the city, depending on your interests and needs. As an expat, you also need to explore the city and integrate with the locals. In this part of the lifestyle sector, we will also give you the best places for you to visit in Düsseldorf.