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Work is very important, however, so is family!  If you are an expat travelling to Germany with your other half or the whole family, then this section in the lifestyle sector is for you.  It dwells on the importance a family has for an expat.  Many times, professional expats end up moving back to their countries, either because they left their family behind or even if they travel with them, the family might not be comfortable in their new home.  This section provides examples and ways to ease your family’s move which will eventually be a major benefit for you as you do not have to distance yourself from them.

Enrolling in family insurance in Germany

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Opportunities for family members

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Schools for Children

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Work Life Balance

In other topics we spoke about how an expat travelling with a family can also have their own problems.  If you decide to move...

The first two articles in this section are about the opportunities that Germany offers for your family members.  It explains that the entertainment possibilities are endless in the country and one can rest assured that their family never gets bored.  Furthermore, it shows how your spouse does not have to be working in order to move with you, despite being out of the European Union.  For those that wish to work, one can find every type of career possibility in Germany.  For families travelling with children that do not speak the German Language, worry not as there are many international schools that are English speaking.  Obviously, if your children speak the language or know the basics, it will be a major advantage for them.

As previously mentioned, family is crucial for one’s ‘survival’ abroad.  It can either make or break you.  One of the articles in the lifestyle sector is about the Work/Life balance and how it is recommended to allocate your time while working in Germany.  It shows the importance of dedicating your time for work but also for family time.  This is especially for those expats that are still in the period of raising their young children.  The Work/Life balance gives you lifelong benefits with regards to maintaining healthy relationships with your loved ones while you will be able to dedicate more focus in your work time.