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Munich, is the third largest city in Germany.  It is prosperous with a thriving economy and is definitely worth considering when moving to Germany.  This city attracts thousands of international expats and students with the aim of growing their careers and living an attractive lifestyle.  Having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country Munich is renowned for its wealth and high standards of living.  A city which everyone can call home!


Moving to Munich – Your Complete Relocation Guide

Munich offers more than just the famous Oktoberfest. As one of the biggest cities in Germany, Munich offers excellent opportunities, one of the best...
Moving to Munich

Moving to Munich? Here are some Tips!

One of the largest cities in Germany, is also one that offers the highest quality of life.  The city is renowned for its prosperous...
Top municipalities in Munich recommended for expats

Top municipalities in Munich recommended for expats

Similar to the other major cities in Germany, Munich attracts big numbers of international expats and students.  The city boasts a relax environment and...
What to expect in Munich

What to expect in Munich?

High standards of living and quality of life – Most of the time living in Munich is very pleasant.  With warm summers and cold...
Top places to visit in Munich

Top places to visit in Munich

Marienplatz This is also known as Munich’s heart.  In the past it used to host spectator events such as executions and battles, however, nowadays this...
Munich as an Expat Destination

Munich as an Expat Destination

A prosperous city to live and work in. The 3rd largest city of the country is definitely worth considering when moving to Germany. Munich...

For those that do not speak German, worry not because due to a large international expat community and most of the locals speak fluent English amongst other languages.  It’s fast and modern lifestyle makes it a great place for people of all ages.  To make it even better, Munich also has ample greenery and parks to relax and find tranquility. 

In this section, we provide you with tips on a move to Munich.  Finding work can be stressful enough sometimes so we take care of the other part for you by giving you tips on how to make Munich your home.  Here you can find tips on how to find the right apartment, house, internet provider, and electricity providers.  Furthermore, we have an article with the top municipalities in Munich with their main characteristics helping you to find the right one for you.

In this section, you will also find information of what to expect in Munich and how it is an expat destination giving you insider tips that will help you settle and fit in faster.  Apart from all it working possibilities, Munich is also full of attractions and places to visit.  You can find the top attractions in one of the articles in this section.