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Stuttgart is not one of the biggest cities in Germany, however, this city has a lot to offer!   Situated in the south of Germany, surrounded by forests and the River Neckar, this city offers a tranquil and calm lifestyle.  Even though it has a close connection with nature, this city is home to many major companies, two of them being Mercedes Benz and Porsche.  When it comes to work, this city offers numerous working possibilities for professional expats from around the world.  Living in Stuttgart is not cheap, but in return it offers one of the highest standards of living and quality of life in the country.

Welcome to Stuttgart!

Welcome to Stuttgart!

Stuttgart is often renowned for Mercedes Benz and Porsche, however, it has a lot more to offer.  This city is also home rich history...

How to open a business in Stuttgart?

Firstly, make sure you have all the documents required to obtain a working visa for your business trip in Germany. Application – What...
Best neighborhoods for expats in Stuttgart

Best neighbourhoods for expats in Stuttgart

Compared to the other major cities in Germany, Stuttgart is a relatively small city, housing around 600,000 people scattered amongst a series of valleys,...
Stuttgart as an Expat Destination

Stuttgart as an Expat Destination

Stuttgart is located in the South of Germany.  Surrounded by forests, this city offers all the greenery one can ask for.  At the bottom...

Top places to visit in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum This museum proudly displays some the company’s most Iconic creations.   This museum is not only for the car enthusiasts but it is also...

In this section, you can find a lot of information about Stuttgart, what to expect and life on a daily basis.  One of the first articles in this section provides information about the top neighbourhoods in this city.  This will help you choose the best neighbourhood for you depending on your interests and needs.  In the other articles, you can also find information about the basic information on this city, commencing from the climate, people and lifestyle in this area.   We also give the crucial tips to keep in mind when opening a business in Stuttgart as a foreign expat moving to Germany.  This will not only make you aware of the basic requirements but also get you one step closer to having a successful career in this city.

Once you found a job and settled in your new home, it is time to start exploring Stuttgart and enjoying life.  You can find an article with the top places to visit in Stuttgart, including the House of History, Schloss Solitude, Karlsplatz Market and St John’s Church.  This will not only make you aware of the must visit places, but also a way of interacting with the locals and meet new people.  Enjoy your move to Germany!