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This section in the lifestyle sector is about the current trends and living in Germany.  Hundreds of thousands of expats travel to Germany every year to work, study or to simply start a new life.  By visiting this section, you will get an insight of how it is to live in this country which is renowned for having the best economy in Europe.

Brandenburg Gate

Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Germany

Germany has many small cities, places of historical interest, attractive geographical locations, and collections of forests. All these places are great for a German...
Medical Emergency in Germany

Medical Emergency in Germany? Here is what to do

What to do in case of emergency in Germany? Not feeling well or have family or friends need quick medical attention? Unfortunately, most of...

Bonn – Global Hub and Key Crusader for Sustainability

The German United Nations City offers a new stage for productive discussions on a state, global and universal platform. Every now and then, new...
20 Interesting Facts about Germany

20 Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany is the second most popular expat destination in the world. Ranked by the Migration Policy Institute and the OECD. Germany is the EU’s...
Breaking the Language Barrier

Breaking the Language Barrier

Learning a new language can be overwhelming for some people.  When it comes to the German language, for non-German speakers, the language is perceived...
Common Challenges for expats

Common Challenges for expats

Life of an expat can offer a lot of opportunities and a chance for a new beginning in a new country. However, stepping into...

One of the articles in this section focuses on twenty interesting facts about Germany.  It provides you with information why Germany is amongst the top destinations for professional expats seeking fruitful careers and students wanting to attend some of the top universities in the world.  Germany offers countless opportunities for everyone in any age group.

Furthermore, this section provides information on how an expat with a foreign background, just like you, can manage to overcome the language barrier.  Although not impossible, the German language is not an easy task to conquer.  As any other country, it is a major benefit to be able to speak the language and one of the articles provides you with ways to do this!

We have dealt with many expats coming over to Germany and one of the major limitations that no one speaks about is that you don’t know what to expect once you arrive.  One of the articles in this section provides you with the common challenges for expats, hence to prepare you for the common challenges that expats and students face whilst living in Germany.  The more prepared and aware you are about the situation of the popular trends and living in Germany, the higher are the chances that you will succeed and have a promising career.