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Migration Advisory Services In Germany

Every country is a little bit different and many things may perhaps be strange during the first weeks or months in Germany. Although most things can be figured out by yourself, the help of migration advisory services in Germany can greatly reduce the time for you to settle in and integrate into German society.

There are various organizations in Germany which are ready to help with free advice when needed. Migration advice is mainly divided between services for adults and services for youths. Besides one-to-one advice, the youth advisory services include a broad variety of activities geared towards sports and culture.

How Migration Advisory Services Can Help

Advisors are often familiar with your language and cultural background and able to quickly understand the main challenges and problems people face when settling in Germany. The main aim is to work together on a plan to help feel you at home as soon as possible.

The focus of every session is your knowledge and skills of the German language and culture. The advisor can assist with various support programs available to you, such as integration courses in Germany. They will also be able to assist in finding German integration courses available to you.

Migration advisory services in Germany are free of charge. You can either contact organizations directly to get free advice or use the migration advice service app with confidential and regional advice.

All services provided will support you from your first day in Germany, and can advise you on the following things:

  • Learning German – i.e. where to learn German and course fees; 
  • Education and work – i.e. how to find work and recognition of qualifications;
  • Housing; i.e. how to find accommodation and the cost;
  • Health – i.e. the German health system and whether you need health insurance; and
  • Marriage, family, and raising children – i.e. pregnancy and family reunification.

Organizations Who Offer Free Migration Advice

There are migration advice services in many local towns and cities in Germany. The following organizations offer free migration advice:

Youth Migration Advisory Services

Youth Migration Services is specialized in helping young people in integrating into life in Germany. They advise and help juvenile immigrants, as well as young adults aged up to 27 free of charge for you and your children.

The Services can, for instance, provide you with help and information regarding the following:

  • parenting, childhood, and youth;
  • the school and education system; and
  • career planning.

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