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Start new. Start with us.

The story of Start

The story of Start began with our successful language school. We are enthusiastic about helping internationals integrate in Berlin, and building up a language school seemed the ideal way to do so. After a while we realized: German was not the only thing our students needed to understand. To be able to speak the language is very important and a wonderful starting point when you come to a new country. But understanding  German culture and the steps of immigration are equally important. There is so much paperwork to do, there are so many obstacles to overcome: getting a work permit, finding a flat, a kindergarden, opening a bank account, filling in required documents and a lot more.

A new idea was born. We decided to become a partner for people planning to start a new life in Berlin. We were impressed by the interesting encounters and by the stories we had the chance to experience. Today we speak the „language of relocation“ perfectly and easily create a connection between you and the German authorities. Next to conquering the Berlin flat market with you, we also know how to handle difficult visa applications to make your stay in Germany possible.

Start with us!

From day one of working with you, it is our goal to take away all stress you might anticipate when it comes to relocation. It is a life-changing time that we want you to enjoy and look forward to. With a personal relocation specialist by your side you can easily relax. We will immediately make sure that there is no reason to be worried as there is almost no question or request we will not be able to take care of.

As a young relocation agency we are specialized in fulfilling the needs of dynamic start-ups and their international employees. We want you to feel at home from the first moment. Our consultants are helpful, multilingual, eager to assist, internationally experienced, and they love getting the work done for you. That includes support before and after you move.

 Start feeling at home

No matter what you are up to:  We give you rapid and precise information and will handle whatever needs to be taken care of. Once you are settled in your new flat, in a city district you love, have all documents, permits, and German bureaucracy behind you – our mission has been accomplished. It is our profession and passion to share all our knowledge of the relocation process and the things we love about Berlin with new Berliners. We are ready to welcome you to the very unique ambience of the capital city of Germany – BERLIN.

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Integration, Immigration, Relocation
Startcon GmbH

Kyffhäuser Straße 10
D – 10781 Berlin

T -49 (0)30 – 75 56 22 68
Skype: Start Relocation-Service

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