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Stuttgart as an Expat Destination

Stuttgart is located in the South of Germany.  Surrounded by forests, this city offers all the greenery one can ask for.  At the bottom of the valley one will find the River Neckar and part of the old city, which is renowned for its historic value.  This is really the ideal home for the adventurous expats.  Furthermore, this city is home to 2 of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Stuttgart is a quiet and relaxing place to live in.  In the summer months, the average temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius and in winter, it rarely goes below 0.  The cost of living in the city is not the cheapest but the quality of life is one of the highest. The transportation system in Stuttgart is excellent and very efficient.  The mains methods of transportation are busses, trams and the S-Bahn.  The city is also somewhat renowned for its motorways without speed limits.

When it comes to buying property, Stuttgart is one of the most expensive cities in Germany.  Expats normally opt to rent apartments which is definitely a more affordable alternative.  To find you ideal apartment search pre-arrival on the local newspapers and real estate magazines.   Even though expensive, Stuttgart has some of the highest average salaries.  In recent years, the average salary had been of 45, 952 euros.

When it’s time for business, Stuttgart is one of the most preferred cities by Expats.  The city offers countless opportunities for work.  Furthermore, it has a very strong economy made up from locals and foreigners.   The region is home to some of the highest densities of scientific, academic and research organizations.  The city also offers numerous opportunities for students to study in Stuttgart.  It is recommended that you have your professional qualifications translated by an accredited translator.

If you are planning to move to Germany whether it is to work, study or live, visit our other pages.  You will find Visas and Permits section useful for your move!

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