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The Anmeldung – How to Register Your Address in Germany

In Germany, it is required to register your address with the local district office (Bürgeramt). This is called the “anmeldung”, and is required each time your residence address in Germany changes.

It is also important to do the anmeldung at your local district office/Bürgeramt, because you will then receive a registration certificate (Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung) required to open a bank account in Germany, and other services such as mobile subscriptions and internet service. You will also receive your tax ID (Steuer-ID), which your employer needs in order to start work.

How to complete the Anmeldung in Germany

The process of completing your anmeldung is straight forward and simple.

  1. Get an appointment with the Bürgeramt

    Once you move in, you need to set up an appointment with the local Bürgeramt within 14 days. It is not possible to do your anmeldung before you move in.

  2. Gather the required application documents

    It is important that you bring the required documents with you to your appointment in order the complete the anmeldung.
    The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung is a letter signed by your landlord confirming your place or residence. Only the landlord can sign this, or the main tenant in case your are subletting. Generally a rent contract is not enough so it is advised to get this letter as well.
    – A valid ID document, such as your passport. It is important to bring it with you, and advisable to bring a copy.
    The Anmeldung form filled out. You can get this online from the Bürgeramt in your location.
    Your vehicle papers so the address can be updated right away. You will get a sticker and it will cost €10.85.

  3. Go to the Bürgeramt appointment

    On the day of your appointment, bring the documents above and if you can a German-speaker to accompany you. Some speak English but not all do, so it may be a good idea to bring someone. You can also use a translator or similar.

    When you got your appointment, you also received an appointment number. This one will be called out when it is your turn. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. You will receive stickers for current documents, such as you r vehicle documents, and a tax ID will be issued by post a few days later.

List of Bürgeramt Locations In The Main Cities

These are the main cities in Germany which you may need to book an appointment with.

Getting a Bürgeramt Appointment The Same Day

There are generally several Bürgeramt offices for each location, so it may be wise to check the offices in the outskirts in order to find an office which is less busy.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Anmeldung

What is the anmeldung?

The anmeldung is a registration of your address in Germany. It is required to do so.

What should I take to register for the anmeldung?

For the appointment with the Bürgeramt, you need to bring with you The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, your passport, the anmeldung form filled out and your vehicle papers if you have a car registered in Germany (In order to update the address).

Is it required to register my address in Germany?

Yes, the law states that you must resister you address if you stay at an address for more than 6 months.

Do I need to register within 14 days?

You should register you new address within 14-days, but the general rule is “as soon as possible”. Because it may be difficult to get an appointment within 14 days, it is generally not enforced.

How long can I stay in Germany without registering?

You can stay up to 6-months without the need of registering your address. However, if you intend to stay longer, you need to register within 14 days of your move.

Do I need to deregister my old address? 

Once you register your new address, the old one is automatically deregistered. There is no need to deregister separately unless you move out of Germany.Can someone do the Anmeldung for me? 

Can someone do the Anmeldung for me? 

If it is your first time, generally you have to meet in person. Otherwise, it is possible for someone else to do it for you. They must present a power of attorney letter signed by you and the must bring your original passport as well.

Can the landlord refuse to let me register? 

registering your address is a right and it is illegal to refuse to do so. However, in the case of subletting, the landlord may not be aware of it and may not sign the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung because of this.

Can I do my Anmeldung if my name is not on the mailbox? 

Yes, but it is important that you add “c/o” to the address when you register at the Bürgeramt. Otherwise your mail will not be sent to you. So the address you register would be with the name of the person on the mailbox and your name as c/o.

Can I do my Anmeldung at a hotel or AirBnB? 

The majority of hotels or similar temporary housing are not required to let you register there. This may however be the case if you stay there for more than 6 months. It is best to check this beforehand.

Do I need Anmeldung to start work?

You can start work without the Anmeldung and thus before you get your tax ID. But your employer may take more taxes from your salary which are paid back once you file your tax return.

What is the Ummeldung?

The Ummeldung is a change of address. It is practically the same as the Anmeldung, which means address registration.

How much does the Anmeldung cost?

The anmeldung is free of charge, but updating the address on your vehicle papers cost 10.80 EUR per vehicle.

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