When an expat’s journey in Germany comes to an end, one needs to de-register the German address of residence. It is often recommended to start the de-registration process at least two to four weeks in advance from your termination date in the country. If you already moved from Germany and forgot to de-register, worry not, however, try to get it settled as soon as possible. If you fail to de-register after post leaving Germany, you might still be liable to pay certain taxes.

In this blog, we will give the simple steps how you can de register from Germany.

  1. Fill in the deregistration form below. Apart from deregistration, this form can also be used to cancel the broadcast license payments.
  2. Once filled, print the form and make a photo copy of your passport.
  3. Sign the form and send it to the local German registration office or take it there yourself. Search for the nearest local registration office.
  4. In order to reassure yourself that the deregistration was successful, you can apply for a deregistration confirmation. This can be useful in the future, therefore, it is always recommended to have. You have to personally ask for the confirmation to be sent to you.