Prices for student and expat housing has been increasing in the past years, especially in Berlin and Munich. This may be due to the increase in demand from foreign professionals and students moving to the cities, driving up demand and prices. Rent can be a major decision maker when choosing a city to move in as it is an inescapable monthly expense.

Below find the top five most affordable cities in Germany:

Leipzig – 1st

In 2016, the average rent was Euro 332 per month. Situated in the east of Germany, it is the largest city in the federal state of Saxony. The main language is German, however, most of the population also speaks English with a large population of international expats.

Bochum – 2nd

In 2016, this ranked the second most affordable city in Germany. The average rent per month was Euro 344. When compared to more expensive cities such as Munich, Bochum is almost half the rent per month. This city has ample green parks and industrial facilities and is currently undergoing many significant changes. Today is stands as one of the Europe’s Capitals of Culture.

Kiel – 3rd

This city is one of the most preferred by students. It is renowned for being a vibrant and full of life. Furthermore, it is home to many naval traditions and ship building history. The gateway to the Baltic ranks the third as one of the cheapest cities to live in. In 2016, the average monthly rent was Euro 368.

Siegen – 4th

The city is home to some of the best universities in Germany. It is a small town, however, has its unique and personal traits. Siegen is very student oriented and is known for being ideal for studying, living and having fun. Last year, the average rent was Euro 371 per month.

Jena – 5th

Home to famous companies such as Zeiss and Schott Glas, this city is renowned for its combination of history, culture, technology and innovation. Even though it is a very traditional city, Jena also offers a lively and fun lifestyle. The average monthly rent was Euro 377 making it the fifth cheapest city to live in Germany for students and expats.