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Top places to visit in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum

This museum proudly displays some the company’s most Iconic creations.   This museum is not only for the car enthusiasts but it is also interesting for everyone in all ages.  The company has played a key role in Germany’s modern history.  At the museum, there are collections from about one hundred years ago including the famous Mercedes and the Blitzn-Benz.  A definitely must see when in Stuttgart.

House of History

One of Germany’s most entertaining interactive museum housing amazing exhibitions and with information dating back centuries ago.   Here you can indulge in the rich history of Baden-Württemberg brought to life.  The museum manages to interact technology with the historic information creating memorable displays that aren’t to be missed.  The House of History is enjoyable by everyone having activities interesting for all ages.

Stuttgart City Library

This is heaven on earth for reading enthusiasts.  The library had adopted a minimalist approach housing books from all around the world.  Stuttgart City library offers a relaxing ambience for its visitors having the possibility of the inside reading area or an outside terrace with picturesque views.

Schloss Solitude

Even though you will have to travel to the outskirts of Stuttgart, this palace is definitely worth it.  The palace was originally built as a private hunting lodge by a former duke of Württemberg.  Apart from the fascinating tours provided at the palace, the surrounding of the palace offers exiting trails and paths for trekkers offering breath-taking views.


The Stuttgart state gallery deisplays some of Germany’s best collections.  The displayed items date back to around five centuries offering fine art from all over the world.  The paintings include some of the best collections from the German impressionists and the Blue Rider group.

Karlsplatz Market

If you want to interact with the locals, this is the place to be.  At the Karlsplatz Market you can find antiques from years ago, fine jewelry and fashion items at affordable prices.  The market is on Saturdays and when visiting you can feel the rush and excitement of the people hunting for the best bargains.

St John’s Church

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, visit the gothic St John’s Church and enjoy the relaxing ambience right next to the Lake of Feursee.  The original building of the church had been destroyed due to bombings back in World War II.  The church was later carefully rebuilt into the beautiful landmark we know today.

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