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Top reasons why Berlin is one of the best cities for Expats!

Berlin is loved by its locals, expats and students.  Here are some reasons why!

English Speaking

For the expats that the German language is not stronghold, this can be a major benefit.  Most of the locals in Berlin and really used to having tourists and expats around them and the majority speak fluent English, amongst other languages.  Furthermore, restaurants, bars and other shops automatically switch to speaking English if they sense you are a foreigner.

A lot of Expats

A booming city with a thriving expat community.  Due to this it is extremely easy to meet new people with similar interests, make friends and create everlasting friendships.  As an expat, you will find it extremely easy to fit in as there are many people in the same situation.


A city where quality of life is given a lot of importance, not only from the people but also from the government.  Compared to other cities, Berlin is one of the most affordable cities to live in the Western Europe.  Accommodation is also relatively cheap when compared to other German cities, offering a more than a decent living with less money.

Efficient Transport

Berlin’s public transport is excellent offering extensive connectivity within the entire city.  Whether it’s the bus, the train or the underground, it is effective, efficient and affordable.  Unlike many other cities, in Berlin you barely need a car.

Countless opportunities

Whether you wish to study or work, the opportunities are endless.  The same goes for entrepreneurship.  The city is renowned for its business startups, which is energetic, young and offers a lot of variety.


Last but not least, this city has numerous entertainment possibilities.  It is a young lively city that never sleeps.  According to the Telegraph Magazine, Berlin was rated as the ‘most fun’ city in the world.  It is home to some of the best nightclubs worldwide and recently has become the global Centre for electronic music.  Apart from its clubs, Berlin offers many other forms of entertainment for any age group.

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