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VISA For Language Acquisition In Germany

If you are not acquiring language skills as part of study purpose, preparatory measure or recognition of qualifications, third-country nationals can enter Germany with this VISA for the purpose of language acquisition by attending language courses.

This VISA is issued for a maximum duration of 12 months and you cannot take up any employment during this time.

Requirements for Language Acquisition VISA’s

  1. The language course is considered an intensive course, with at least 20 hours per week. Evening and weekend courses are not sufficient.
  2. You have been accepted into an intensive language course.
  3. You are able to cover the cost of living for the entire duration of the course. This can be done by means of a declaration of commitment or a blocked bank account contains funds.
  4. You have sufficient health insurance in Germany

If you wish to explore other opportunities aside from intensive language courses, you can also view the following VISA and residence permits for educational purposes:

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