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What to expect in Frankfurt?

According to the Top expat cities for 2016 survey, over three out of four (77%) expats working in Frankfurt like their job and approximately the same amount feel optimistic about their career opportunities.  This proves that Frankfurt is one of the top cities for professional expats from around the world.  When it comes to business, there is really barely any place that compares to Frankfurt.

It goes without saying that having one of the largest airports in the country gives you excellent accessibility.  Frankfurt is a busy metropolis in the heart of Europe.  Furthermore, the city also has an excellent transport system.  You do not require a car in Frankfurt, especially if your daily commute is within the city.  The city is equipped with railways, metros, trams, public busses and the trains of the Rhine-Main association.

As for the weather, it’s as good as it can get.  Frankfurt is one of e warmest cities in Germany.  In comparison to the rest of the country, Frankfurt has relatively little rain fall throughout the year.  The worst it can get is around 0 degrees Celsius in early weeks of January.  Summer temperatures rise up to 25-27 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to safety, Frankfurt is not Germany’s safest, however, it does not have a big crime problem.  It is safe enough to walk by yourself even at night time, however, as any other western city, it is always advised to keep a look out to prevent and mishaps.

All in all, Frankfurt is one of the top cities recommended for expats, especially when it comes to finding work opportunities.  Apart from this, it is a great city to live and grow in.

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