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In other topics we spoke about how an expat travelling with a family can also have their own problems.  If you decide to move to Germany with your spouse and children it is best that apart from your career you also spend time with your loved ones.  This is not easy, especially in today’s hectic lifestyle. It is not easy balancing between work and home, but how well you manage this can make a significant difference to your relationship with your family.  An unhappy family can be devastating for any expat.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with too much work, too busy to enjoy your social life and missing out on family time but with a few simple tips we can help you improve this!

Leave your work at work!  When you arrive home find means to relax.  Children end to pick up on moods and will sense stress and unhappiness with the family routine, if you come home stressed and complaining on how long was your day.  On the other hand, if you seem relaxed they will relax and take it in their stride too.  This creates a much more positive environment to raise your family in.

Spend some time with your children.  It is understood that you might not be able to spend hours with your children, but try and reserve some time for them.  Perhaps, have something to eat together, or tell them what you learned new today, something interesting you saw and spend time together.  The fact is that your children will enjoy being around you for at least a short time every day. As long as you are relaxed and listening to their chat, they will be happy.

Bed time routine!  Whether it is bath time or story time or preferably both, the kids will love you for this.  Children do not need full entertainment but just having your company while they play in the bath or telling them a story before bedtime will be enough.  It is a great joy seeing your children settle down happily knowing you are there.

Special day/night. Cinema night, zoo day, hiking, swimming anything that allows you to spend time with your family.  In some schools, there is also the option of having post school activities where the parents can join.  Your children will be delighted to know that you put everything on pause just so you can spend time with them.  They will treasure that day and look forward to it every day of the week.

Not matter how you decide to do this, the most important thing is that you reserve some of your precious time for your family.  These smallest changes can positively affect your family and even yourself.  By spending time with your family, you are developing tighter bonds and stronger relationships.

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