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Frankfurt is one of the most connected cities in Germany.  The airport is one of the busiest in the whole of Europe with great accessibility.  Within the city, the excellent public network is very efficient and affordable. You will travel within the city at ease without a car.  Apart from this. Frankfurt is one of the leading cities for a business start-up with a very strong economy.  Life in Frankfurt can be slightly expensive but in return, you will receive a very high quality of living. In this part of the lifestyle section, you can find information about why Frankfurt is ideal for expats, make you aware of its best traits.

Language Schools in Frankfurt

If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful German city, Frankfurt, whether you are there for working, studying or simply as a resident,...

Top neighborhoods in Frankfurt recommended for Expats

Frankfurt is an exciting, interesting, lively, beautiful and warm city to live and work in.  This city is a major hub for businesses and...
What to expect in Frankfurt

What to expect in Frankfurt?

According to the Top expat cities for 2016 survey, over three out of four (77%) expats working in Frankfurt like their job and approximately...

Top reasons why Frankfurt is great for Expats

Frankfurt is a well-known city for expats to settle in. Here are some of the reasons why. English speaking Although in Frankfurt the main language spoken...

Top places to visit in Frankfurt

Main Tower This is one of the top tourist attractions in whole Frankfurt.  There is no other place that will provide you with a spectacular...
Frankfurt as an Expat Destination

Frankfurt as an Expat Destination

Frankfurt, one of the leading cities for business combined together with rich culture and innovative technology.  Frankfurt plays a key role in the economy...