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One of the top cities for expats!  Berlin is a jewel in Germany offering never ending career possibilities for anyone around the globe.  This section in the lifestyle sector provides information why Berlin is amongst the top cities for expats in Germany and also in the world.  Hundreds and thousands of international professional expats visit this city every year. It is Germany’s largest city and one can rest assured that they will never run out of things to do.

Cost of Living in Berlin

Cost of Living in Berlin

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Start a Business in Berlin

How to Start a Business in Berlin

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FAQ moving to Berlin

FAQ for Expats Moving to Berlin

Moving to Berlin, Germany is a very exciting, yet challenging experience. The whole move in itself may be stressful, however, one of the largest challenges is that you will be arriving in an unkown location, in which you have to start a new life in. Most of the time, ample research and knowledge about the location, makes it easier to integrate and get used to your new way of life!
Buying an Apartment in Berlin

Buying an Apartment in Berlin – Full Overview & Process

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Finding an Apartment in Berlin

Finding an Apartment in Berlin

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Finding a Job in Berlin

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Open a Bank Account in Berlin

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List of the Top International Schools in Berlin

Overview & List of the Top International Schools in Berlin

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Learn German in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin – Top Schools and Apps

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Childcare germany

Childcare and Babysitting Services for Expats in Berlin

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Work Visa in Berlin

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Freelance Visa in Berlin

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Getting a Tax ID in Berlin

Helpful Guide to Getting a Tax ID in Berlin

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English Speaking Tax Advisors in Berlin

English Speaking Tax Advisors in Berlin

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Permanent Residence Permit in Berlin 

Getting a German Permanent Residence Permit in Berlin 

Many expats come to Berlin for different reasons, such as visiting the country or begin a new life and/or finding a job. If you have...
German Income Tax in Berlin

Paying German Income Tax in Berlin – Complete Overview

German income tax happens to be progressive and starts from 1% with continued increments of up to 42% payable by each person working in...
Getting a loan in Berlin

Getting a Loan in Berlin as a Foreigner – Step by Step Guide

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Coworking & Virtual Offices in Berlin

Coworking & Virtual Offices in Berlin

Choosing the right working space is a crucial subject that entrepreneurs and business owners spend ample resources. Workspaces start from traditional offices to modern...
Translation services in Berlin

Translation Services in Berlin – Find the Best Translators

Berlin is popular with expatriates and investors in small, medium and large businesses. The good quality of life, stable wage levels, excellent infrastructure, and...
Health Insurance in Berlin

How To Get Health Insurance When Moving To Berlin

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. The health system consists of mandatory, voluntary and private schemes. The best health insurance option in Berlin for...

The main language in Berlin is German, however, English is fluently spoken by most of its residents, due to having a large expat population.  English speaking expats face few or none language barriers here and it is a great city to learn the German language.  Even though it has extremely high quality of living, it is not the most expensive city in the country but instead quite affordable. 

The public transport in the city is as efficient as it gets.  The transport network in the city is excellent with means of transportation ranging from busses, metros and trains.  The best thing about it is that it is very affordable and as an expat living in the city, you hardly will need a car.

When it comes to the entertainment sector, Berlin is a city that never sleeps.  It has a great nightlife and it is considered a very safe environment for anyone to enjoy.  Berlin is surely one of the best cities in Germany, Europe and the world and it is loved by its locals, expats and tourists.