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How to open a business in Stuttgart?

  • Stuttgart is an excellent business city and offers countless opportunities for professional expats seeking work.  The region has some of the highest densities of scientific, academic and research organizations.  Be sure what type of business you wish to open.  Opening a business is no easy task and requires a lot of work, dedication and money.  Ensure yourself that you are willing to take the challenge.
  • Check the costs included when renting offices. In Stuttgart, renting can be quite expensive so we recommend that you plan this well before hand.
  • Who are you competing with? If you are going to have rivals, do your homework to get an idea what you will be dealing with and know what are your strengths and threats.
  • Once you decided, register your business with the Commercial Register and the Trade Supervisory Authority.
  • Inform tax authorities of your organisation and make sure you have everything in line with the law and regulations. Fines due to tax reasons can be quite harsh.
  • Insure your business.
  • Open a business bank account. Check thoroughly the banking possibilities in Stuttgart as some banks provide very good offers for businesses.
  • If you need a workforce, hire someone to recruit employees or do it yourself. This can be a challenging task in order to employ the right people for your company.

Whilst opening a business can prove to be quite challenging, it is not impossible.  There are many successful business men and women in Stuttgart and surely enough there is place for you!  Keep your focus on your objectives and good luck!

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