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Welcome to Stuttgart!

Stuttgart is often renowned for Mercedes Benz and Porsche, however, it has a lot more to offer.  This city is also home rich history and culture, luxurious restaurants and beautiful landscapes.   Below we provide you with frequently asked questions from our expats about Stuttgart.

How to get around in Stuttgart?

The main highlights of city are within walkable distances, so most of the time people prefer to walk from place to place, enjoying the scenery while keeping fit.  For the others that prefer not to walk, this city has an excellent transportation network!  One has the option to choose from a single ticket costing 1.90 euros or a whole day ticket costing 6.30 euros. This ticket is applicable for the majority of public transport, including busses and the S-Bahn.  Another option is to opt for taxis, which are also quite affordable.

Where to stay?

This city offers many affordable hotels, motels and apartments for short stays.  When it comes renting or buying property, Stuttgart is quite expensive.  Visit our article on the Best neighbourhoods for expats in Stuttgart to find out which neighbourhood suits you best.

Is the cost of living expensive in Stuttgart?

Apart from accommodation which is relatively expensive, cost of living in Stuttgart is quite affordable.  Food is inexpensive compared to other cities and a main dish would normally cost from 10 to 15 euros.  Alcohol is also not expensive, especially beer.

Where to go?

Even though it is not the largest of the cities, it has a lot to offer.  Stuttgart is a wonderful city that has a lot of interesting places for you to visit.  See our article on Top places to visit in Stuttgart for more information.

Enjoy Stuttgart!

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